Wordless Wednesdays- Spring Lighting

Nothing is more fabulous than the spring glow that is generated as the sun sets on a dampened sidewalk. No. Wait. I think having a Grandma that will make faces is pretty fabulous too. No. Wait. I think the Monkee’s would argue that having a cookie the size of your head is probably the most […]

Wednesday of a Few Words- My Karate Kid

When I was looking into registering Jackson in martial arts, the obvious choice was Karate.  He may be a blue-eyed, blonde haired boy but he is still a quarter Japanese with one of his middle names being Akira.  If I was going to drop the Tanaka, then I was definitely going to inject some Japanese […]

Wednesday of a Few Words

The only tenting that we do. We call it the Front Yard Tent.  It can last up to a maximum of an hour. Please take notice of the hands-on-hips pose. Only princesses allowed.