Sunday Musings of a 6 Year Old

Jackson looks up at me from his cereal bowl. J: “Mommy you’re not going to get old when you grow up. Right Mommy?” M: “Jackson, I am already grown up”. J: “But you’re not OLD”. M: “Yes Jackson. I’m not old. Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” J: “Yes Mommy. I […]

Obedient or Helpful?

You cannot help but hear excerpts of conversations when you are watching your children in activities.  Moms are social creatures and we like to talk amongst ourselves, I cannot deny that I do listen in when the conversation topic is of interest to me.   That is how many women have connected and united to form friendships. […]

Chocolate Chocolate and MORE Chocolate

Well the Ultimate Chocolate Weekend has arrived at the MonkeeJesson abode. Easter Weekend. My fondest childhood memories of Easter are when I would get dressed up in a in a new Easter dress, go to church with the family, and then have Dad’s famous pancakes for breakfast. The only chocolate my brother & I used […]

Easter Bunny Drama’s

Me: You better go to bed, on your own, or the Easter Bunny isn’t going to come. As soon as it slipped outta my mouth, I wanted to delete it immediately. Oh Gawd! Did I just say that. First off, if the EB didn’t come, the Aunts & Uncles & Grandma’s certainly will, so really […]


I LOVE I.C.E.= Intense Cycling Endurance. Well except when I am cranking out 95% on a imaginary hill and some crazy skinny chick is wriggly her body all crazy-like and is OBVIOUSLY NOT climbing the hill with the same intensity & tension that I am. Sometimes, sometimes, I just wanna walk on over and CRAM […]