Back to School = Back to Tears

Both the Monkee children are going to elementary school this year.  I know it’s September but our family calendar year starts and ends with the school year.   It is a major milestone in our house, as both children will be in school all-day and I will have a whole day free to myself- if you call laundry […]

Life and Death

It had been a couple days since I had heard or seen Jackson’s girl hamster named Marvin.  The last time was when we had cleaned her cage.  But usually we see her at bedtime, poking her nose out and having a snack. I got concerned.  Concerned that she may have escaped.  It was the only […]

This Is How I Imagined It.

After we had Jackson we really questioned if we wanted another child.  Having one was pretty comfortable.  We out-numbered Jackson, so when one of us was not feeling like the 100% top parent then the other one could easily step in, that or we just passed the screaming child back and forth between us.  Easy Peezy. When we […]