Sunday Musings of a 6 Year Old

Jackson looks up at me from his cereal bowl. J: “Mommy you’re not going to get old when you grow up. Right Mommy?” M: “Jackson, I am already grown up”. J: “But you’re not OLD”. M: “Yes Jackson. I’m not old. Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” J: “Yes Mommy. I […]

Growing Pains without Kirk Cameron

Just when you think you have this whole parenting thing down pat, you realize that there truly is a learning curve for everyone in this experience. Lately Jackson has been waking us up in the middle of the night.  Jackson has been complaining that his feet have been hurting.  Immediately the Man and I thought […]

Obedient or Helpful?

You cannot help but hear excerpts of conversations when you are watching your children in activities.  Moms are social creatures and we like to talk amongst ourselves, I cannot deny that I do listen in when the conversation topic is of interest to me.   That is how many women have connected and united to form friendships. […]

What I Did Do.

What Would You Do? really seemed to resonate with a lot of you.  I actually received many requests to find out what I actually did do. So here it is. Usually I would not decide to discipline someone else’s child. I mean it. Really.  If a child, that is this old, is behaving in a certain way, […]

What Would You Do?

Have you heard of the Sunday Blues? My Man used to get them a LONG time ago, I have since cured him of them but yesterday he had to try to cure me. As we got ready for our regular skating outing with the Monkee family, my Man noticed that someone had stolen our Costco […]