That’s Queen Bum Bum to You!

Butt, Arse, Buttocks, Ass, Tooty, Tushie, Booty, Rear-end, Hiney, Business Class, Back-door, Badonkadonk, Balloon Knot, Batty, Behind, Can, Onion, Patootie, Whoopie Cakes…. ….all don’t measure up to BUM in the Monkee abode. Lately I am living with a bunch of little monkee comedians who only have one joke, that never seems to get old, to them. […]

Mani-Pedi’s at the House of Monkee

Today I performed my first manicure and pedicure. I am not a trained esthetician but then again my client was only 2,  but going on 12. This is not Easton’s first foray into the girly-world of makeup, nail polish, and lip gloss. My Mom a.k.a Grandma has already applied the above upon her granddaughter.  I hear […]