12 Ways My Parenting Has Been Judged And The One Way To Stop It.

WARNING: New Moms you will be judged for your parenting choices! Not just by the child-less couples or the elderly that have forgotten what it was like to have small children. You, NEW MOM, will be JUDGED by other MOMS.  No matter what you do or what choices you make.   Even though you are making choices with […]

Toopy and Binoo Pre-sale Offer

ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL PRE-SALE OFFER  The fabulousness continues! Back by popular demand, Koba Entertainment’s production of Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon is back! Join Toopy and Binoo as they embark on their most important musical quest ever, using their out-of-this-world imaginations to create an unforgettable adventure. For a limited time, Koba subscribers are invited […]

Wednesdays of a Few Words: The Tuck and Roll Perfected

Jackson demonstrating the Classic Jesson Tuck & Roll, an age old practice perfected by Jesson Men to steal the covers from their significant others.     Mornings.  Monday mornings especially make you want to stay undercover.  

Sensitive Intense Positive Boys

The last morning before I left for Whistler, I called for Jackson to come downstairs.  I called him once.  I called him twice.  There was no answer and no boy descending the stairs. Every parent knows, if there is no answer, than something must be up.  It’s the silence that is more worrying than any […]

Wordless Wednesdays- Spring Lighting

Nothing is more fabulous than the spring glow that is generated as the sun sets on a dampened sidewalk. No. Wait. I think having a Grandma that will make faces is pretty fabulous too. No. Wait. I think the Monkee’s would argue that having a cookie the size of your head is probably the most […]

Obedient or Helpful?

You cannot help but hear excerpts of conversations when you are watching your children in activities.  Moms are social creatures and we like to talk amongst ourselves, I cannot deny that I do listen in when the conversation topic is of interest to me.   That is how many women have connected and united to form friendships. […]