Birthday Party Dramas

Birthday party drama is unavoidable in a child’s life.  It gets to a point where the backyard party or the in-home party is impossible to carry out.  Birthday parties can get large and expensive as the amount of friends that your children has grows larger and our property lines get smaller, especially if they are involved in […]

The Boy

Jackson,  my boy,  you amaze me. The amount of love you exude is overwhelming.  Your bedtime kisses are epic and thorough. Sequence of the bedtime kiss: A peck on my lips. Then one on my right cheek. Then one on my left cheek. One peck on my forehead. My right eye is next. Then my […]

The Sun is Having Breakfast & Other Musings of a 6 year old

Jackson: Mom.  I think the sun is having breakfast. No.  No.  I know the sun is having breakfast. Me: That’s really interesting Jackson.  Why do think that? Jackson: It smells yummy.  It smells like food (in the movie theatre parking lot). Me: Whatcha doing Jackson? Jackson: Nothing.  Just feels like flying. Every time he would go to […]