Wednesday of a Few Words: Free the Bees

The Mason Bees were ready to be released in March.  One problem, Mother Nature decided that it was going to rain, rain, and well rain right through to May.  Finally, the rain relented and we freed the bees.   I am still concerned that the bees will not come back to our wooden nest.  If […]

Spring Has Sprung: Photo Montage

Spring has sprung, The dung is flung, Time to garden and have some fun!      

Spring Fun at Art Knapp

One of our favourite places to visit is the Art Knapp in Port Kells. They have a great variety of plants and are one of the few suppliers of Sea Soil in bulk. OK the real reason we go is to have fun driving their little golf carts around.  Everybody loves the golf carts.   […]

Sowing Spring Seeds

It’s that time of year.  Time to get the hands dirty and do some gardening.  Our shipment from Westcoast Seeds arrived last month, as well as our Mason bees.  The bees are still currently hibernating in our fridge.  Mason Bees are amazing pollinators and are the least likely to sting you.  Male Mason bees do […]