Wednesday of a Few Words: Free the Bees

The Mason Bees were ready to be released in March.  One problem, Mother Nature decided that it was going to rain, rain, and well rain right through to May.  Finally, the rain relented and we freed the bees.   I am still concerned that the bees will not come back to our wooden nest.  If […]

Today we found…

…a BUTTERFLY! I came home from work today, to find the kids bouncing off the walls to show me the latest member of the family. Our 1st nameless BUTTERFLY!

The Very Hungry Caterpillars.

After about a week the little caterpillars that were a mere 1 millimeter in width & 1/2 a centimeter in length have been growing.  They are at least 5 mm wide & some are about 3 cm long.  As the lil’ monkees say, they are very hungry caterpillars. We ran out of their porridge and none of the […]