Birthday Party Dramas

Birthday party drama is unavoidable in a child’s life.  It gets to a point where the backyard party or the in-home party is impossible to carry out.  Birthday parties can get large and expensive as the amount of friends that your children has grows larger and our property lines get smaller, especially if they are involved in […]

Four & Father’s Day.

Amongst the kerfuffle of Kindergarten field trips, preschool graduation, hockey registration, ballet & gymnastics finales, new nanny interviews, and birthday celebrations, my little girl turned four on June 19th. It was very fitting that her birthday this year landed on Father’s day, as Easty is truly Daddy’s Little Girl.       Easty knows who […]

Cherishing 5 Years With You.

You were 10 days late.  I started pushing at 11:30pm and you were born three minutes after Midnight.  The Man and I still joke that I was determined to prove the nurse wrong, especially when Miss No-It-All bluntly stated that I would DEFINITELY be pushing for at least two hours, if not three. She was […]

Oh My! How You Have Grown.

35 weeks and 3 days, you decided, well the Doctors decided that my slightly high blood pressure really was pre-eclampsia.  I didn’t realize that I was being admitted for an emergency C-section & not just a routine blood pressure check, until I took a double-take at the papers they had me signing.  Luckily, I had eaten […]