The Pee Chronicles

I have pee in every toilet in my house right now.  The seat is up, the pee is there. Easty blatantly stated that "somebody peed and didn't flush the toliet! It wasn't ME!' I know it wasn't you Easty, it was one of the two males residing in our house. Most likely the littlest one. Why are … [Continue reading]

Street Hockey Rules

This weekend was the start of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association tournament, that wraps up today.  It will also wrap up Jackson's first season of hockey. I am truly sad about it. After all my apprehension about Jackson fitting in or having an emotional super sensitive moment about his own … [Continue reading]

Rhyming with the New 2012 Ford Explorer.

My ninety two Jetta is starting to pout, As I drive the new Twenty Twelve Explorer about, The Man is impressed with what is on board, He can't believe that this "IS a Ford?!". Bluetooth that connects my iPhone with ease, So when then kids ask for Gaga, They'll just have to say please. With a … [Continue reading]

Movie Review: The Lorax is Seuss-tastical!

Just in time for spring break, The Lorax is a classic seussical story that combines the fun, clever rhymes of Dr. Seuss with a wonderful lesson  that resonates with green-living aware families of today. Seventh Generation, an environmentally friendly product line, has partnered with Universal … [Continue reading]

The P’s of Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up at a school of over eight hundred has it's challenges.  I would rather be late for Easton's preschool, than to have to battle the traffic that jams up our elementary school's  parking lot and drop-off lanes. Every so often, we have an important appointment that forces me to … [Continue reading]

How much is $100 dollars worth?

I went to pick up Jackson from afterschool care. "How much is a hundred dollars worth Mom?" asked my very eager, inquisitive six year old. It's a lot Jackson, why?  "I want to buy an iPad." Jackson stated so mater-of-factly. Well it's a more than a hundred dollars.  It's at least six, … [Continue reading]

The Gremlins in the Recycle Bin are Pervs.

There's a certain lingerie magazine that I must have unknowingly subscribed to when I made my yearly purchase of bras in Vegas last September.  I perhaps checked yes to the subscription, I don't know, cause I am notorious for not reading the fine print (see Rogers post). I received my first … [Continue reading]