Wednesday of a Few Words- Just Dance for Kids

There is a new craze exploding in the interactive gaming world- Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and The Michael Jackson Experience, and I am hopping on board.  I love games that give you a workout, without making it feel like work.  These fun games are loaded with lots of dance party fun, but the songs […]


Sometimes little sisters do not want to walk their older brothers to school.  Sometimes little sisters like to dilly-dally which make older brothers grumpy and late.  Sometimes they are tired. Sometimes it takes longer because their “legs are just too little”.    Sometimes little sisters want to take the car because walking the block and […]

Wednesday of a Few Words

The rainy season is soon upon us. I can tell because I can’t decide which jacket to wear. If I do wear one, it’s wrong. I am either sweating and have to take it off or I am freezing and my teeth are chattering.  I am also having footwear issues. Can I wear my sandals […]