Wednesdays of a Few Words: Tutu’s and Tantrums

I was not a tutu-loving child.  My first day of ballet, I cried and told my Mom that I never wanted to go back.  I remember that it was because I was the only one who did not have the proper ballet slippers for that first day of class.  My Mom bought me some ballet […]

Wednesday of a Few Words: Free the Bees

The Mason Bees were ready to be released in March.  One problem, Mother Nature decided that it was going to rain, rain, and well rain right through to May.  Finally, the rain relented and we freed the bees.   I am still concerned that the bees will not come back to our wooden nest.  If […]

Wednesday of a Few Words- Playoffs & Watermelon

The Canucks just finished getting walloped 7-2 by the Blackhawks in game 4.  I guess there will be no need for the broom tonight but I refuse to stop believing, although I am noticing a lot of jumpers already.  We are still up 3-1 jumpers!?  I classify these fans as the fruit fly fans, minimal attention span […]

Wordless Wednesday: Japanese Genes

I am half-Japanese.  I thought I would put that out there because upon seeing my children, I have had many a mother question if I was The Nanny (not Fran Drescher either).  Most people look at my dark hair and then cannot see beyond the blond hair and blue eyes of my children, or the […]

Wordless Wednesdays- Spring Lighting

Nothing is more fabulous than the spring glow that is generated as the sun sets on a dampened sidewalk. No. Wait. I think having a Grandma that will make faces is pretty fabulous too. No. Wait. I think the Monkee’s would argue that having a cookie the size of your head is probably the most […]

Wednesday of a Few Words- My Karate Kid

When I was looking into registering Jackson in martial arts, the obvious choice was Karate.  He may be a blue-eyed, blonde haired boy but he is still a quarter Japanese with one of his middle names being Akira.  If I was going to drop the Tanaka, then I was definitely going to inject some Japanese […]