Things I Learned in LA

I really do know the meaning of the phrase “traffic is a parking lot on the 101”. Yes I have to admit, I was a bit punchy after our hour long car ride. Five lanes of traffic, with cars stopping for absolutely no reason, drove me insane. The edginess finally wore off after my first […]

Ventura-land for me.

Studio City may have Disneyland & Universal but I found my grown-up adult entertainment down Ventura Boulevard. After a slightly nauseated ride up the hill towards my BFF’s place, where my driver Alex had to stop by the side of the rode as I had a panic attack that brought out all my hangover symptoms. […]

And It’s Over.

Just like that a whole week of hanging out with my McMoms & then they disappear into thin air. I didn’t even REALLY get to say goodbye. Highlights included: Our geographically challenged but brilliantly styled entourage. They look like they pop out of a magazine EVERY day. Cheering the Canucks to their playoff death at […]

So Sad.

Hotel! Motel! I am definitely STAYING HERE. Although, I don’t know if I should be concerned about a few things. The fact that I cannot stand more than a 15 minute solitary soak in a tub full of yummy Asprey purple bath salts or that I cannot stand more than 5 minutes of adult TV […]

It’s Funny…

It’s funny how a little statement like: “FINE! I’ll eat it then!” Can pack on a quick 10 pounds to your mid-section. It drives me crazy when the lil’ monkeys request something to eat, then refuse to eat it due to some silly reason. Yesterday the crackers were cold or the other day they told […]

Two More Sleeps…

…until we have to board a plane to Montreal and all this week I haven’t really slept. It’s not about worrying about what to pack, it’s not any fear of flying, it’s not about who’s taking care of them, it’s not about leaving the kids –as yesterday I would have boarded the plane right there […]