We Are Hurricanes.

The Hazelgrove Hurricanes that is. I have definitely been at the eye of the storm with our lil’ monkees so I felt the name was rather appropriate. As soon as we got there, Easty had to go pee. So the Man and Grandma escorted Jackson into the gymnasium and  I escorted the little Miss to […]

Day Three.

Yep, those boxes still haven’t budged. They have MULTIPLIED though. All 7 of 7 are in da house! Any bets on how long it takes is to put it together? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?

Oh GAWD. What Have I Done?!

Guess what arrived today!? (As I dance around all giddy like a kid at Christmas). Three very large & heavy boxes from Cost-CO. I love saying Cost-CO it can easily sound very sing-songy. A couple weeks ago, I took the leap, as the Man wasn’t going to do it. And I purchased two bedroom sets […]