Letter to Canucks

Dear Vancouver Canucks, Thank you so much for winning  Game 5 on Friday.  My Man and our family had a great weekend because of it.  My husband got “Happy Legs” just like you guys and decided to clean the house, cut the grass, and play with the kids all day Saturday.  My Man even sat […]

Election Day: Rock the Vote & Mom the Vote

Today is the day to vote.  Not just for the Top Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2011 but for our new Federal Government.  Again. Is it really the fourth election in seven years? Crazy. We decided to bring the kids, as we have done in years past, to encourage the conversation that will eventually help […]

One Little, Two Little, Three Little…

Sickies. I thought we did it this season, you know, beat the plague.  Just when I thought spring had sprung, so did the usual plague.  It just kills me how often children get sick and spread their loving sickness throughout the family.  I was informed by my doctor that it’s an average of 10-20 times […]

Mad Dash Movies

I am kind of sad about not working on Saturdays anymore. Crazy talk isn’t it!? I am very happy about having more family time with both my children and the Man.  I am also very happy to feel like more of the Rehabilitation Team, as I was the only therapist in on Saturday.  The biggest […]

Beware of the Doghouse

There are two things I love about this link. One my brother sent it to me & second it’s going to be seen by the Man when I post it here.  We always joke that someone’s in the doghouse or the bad books.  This was just an extension of my version of both of those. […]

Somebody Pass the Defibrillator

July 1st is Canada Day. It is also the day my Dad died so you can understand that on the first anniversary of his death that we wanted to keep busy and not find ourselves mulling over the day.  My Mom had been asked by family to come over to Great Aunt Hattie’s house in Richmond.  […]