Christmas is Coming: Ready or Not

I don’t know what happened but it’s December 20th and I am still searching for my Christmas Spirit and in dire need to utilize the late night shopping hours. I don’t know what’s wrong?!? I have shipped all my parcels so that they get to their destinations on time.  This is big for me, as […]

Wednesday of a Few Words: My Extreme Couponing Moment

I like a deal but I refuse to make it my fourth part-time job… but after the rush I got from saving $16.45 on feminine hygiene products, it makes me wonder.  OhMiGawd. The rush.  It was absolutely thrilling. Personally, I think there should be some sort of discount for women on these items.  We should be able […]

Any Given Sunday

Any given Sunday you can find me & the Monkee Family in Aisle 10 Seasonal Merchandise/Toys. Starbucks MAY have a posh leather seating area for adults but their kids play space just can’t compare to Aisle 10. There is some comfortable seating. I will be so bummed when they remove this folding blue Adirondack chair. […]

Ventura-land for me.

Studio City may have Disneyland & Universal but I found my grown-up adult entertainment down Ventura Boulevard. After a slightly nauseated ride up the hill towards my BFF’s place, where my driver Alex had to stop by the side of the rode as I had a panic attack that brought out all my hangover symptoms. […]