Jackson’s Preschool Graduation

I distinctly remember telling my Man when Vancouver won the 2010 Winter Olympic bid, Jackson will be 5 in 2010 and going into Kindergarten.  Wow.  That was an eternity away.  I never thought that those five years would fly by so fast.  Oh and that he would have a sister as well. I didn’t cry but I did get […]

1st Wordless Wednesday

Hazelgrove Fair

I may have had my concerns about the P.A.C. but I must say I was quite impressed with the fundraising fair that they held.  We received a punch card of 10 for $7.50.  If you had purchased them earlier then they were only $5.00.  Most items were 2 or 3 punches.  The bouncy jungle and […]

We Are Hurricanes.

The Hazelgrove Hurricanes that is. I have definitely been at the eye of the storm with our lil’ monkees so I felt the name was rather appropriate. As soon as we got there, Easty had to go pee. So the Man and Grandma escorted Jackson into the gymnasium and  I escorted the little Miss to […]

Is the PAC like the Mob?

Seriously, is it like the Mob? I remember one line from the Godfather III, as Al  is standing in the kitchen, now old,  grey, haggard and just looking worn out.  Al Pacino’s dialogue starts with one of his classic rants as Michael, “Once they suck you in, you just can’t get out!!”.  Ok obviously my direct quoting is a little […]

Kindergarten Registration – A Summary

Question: Does how much I love my child depend on how early I will get up to line up for Kindergarten? We shall answer that later. I lined up in the pitch black shadow of Hazelgrove Elementary, only after I stopped by Starbucks for a Venti and a breakfast sandwich. I knew that our encatchment […]