Something is in the Air

There’s something in the air. The kids smell it, as they have increased their level of silliness by a thousand billion percent. The smell is that of the constant tension, anticipation, uncontrollable excitement.  They smell ‘change’.  It’s emanating in the air, and it’s strong as the smell of a Chinatown garbage dumpster in the scorching […]

Is Your Child a Thief?

Summer is in full swing, not the weather but the camps and activities that really define summer for our family. Swimming lessons, dance camp, soccer training camp, hockey skills camp, superhero day camp, and school camp. That’s right.  School camp,  or what I lovingly know to be Grade One prep.  Jackson’ wasn’t really sold on […]

Wordless Wednesdays: School Field Trips

As a part-time working Mom, it’s always great to be able to participate in school activities.  Unfortunately, most activities happen on the days that I am working. Boo.  Luckily, the field trips have been on days that I do not work.  I thought Jackson would be the one being excited that I came along, but […]

Surrey for Kids: Name the Eaglet Contest

The City of Surrey has a great new site and link for our Surrey kids. There are memory games that focus on local Surrey locations and wildlife. Have fun exploring Surrey’s wilderness or even Surrey’s city hall. The Monkee kiddies really enjoyed the music and playing the games on my laptop. I had fun exploring […]

Hazelgrove Elementary Overcrowding Solution

On April 6th the staff and parents of Hazelgrove Elementary came together “to take action and alleviate the overcrowding” at our school. Here is a little history about our school.  When we first moved into the neighbourhood in 2003, phase one of the new subdivision, the elementary school was approved for it’s current location.  We […]

Kindergarten Cry Fest

Tomorrow morning I will be walking my son Jackson to his first day of school and so will his Dad, Grandmother, and Sissy.  Jackson starts Kindergarten and he will probably be there for a maximum of 30 minutes, if he is lucky.  All this work up for the big Kindergarten first day and he will […]