Back to School = Back to Tears

Both the Monkee children are going to elementary school this year.  I know it’s September but our family calendar year starts and ends with the school year.   It is a major milestone in our house, as both children will be in school all-day and I will have a whole day free to myself- if you call laundry […]

The P’s of Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up at a school of over eight hundred has it’s challenges.  I would rather be late for Easton’s preschool, than to have to battle the traffic that jams up our elementary school’s  parking lot and drop-off lanes. Every so often, we have an important appointment that forces me to drive and pick up […]

How much is $100 dollars worth?

I went to pick up Jackson from afterschool care. “How much is a hundred dollars worth Mom?” asked my very eager, inquisitive six year old. It’s a lot Jackson, why?  “I want to buy an iPad.” Jackson stated so mater-of-factly. Well it’s a more than a hundred dollars.  It’s at least six, maybe even eight […]

Code Red Means Someone Has A Gun Mommy

Does that headline shock you? Good.  Because that is exactly how I felt. There was an incident in a neighboring community with a student bringing a gun or replica gun into a school.  I don’t know the exact details as I/we try to catch the news without the children around.  They are always around.  This prompted my […]

Getting Involved

Hazelgrove Elementary is the largest populated elementary school in British Columbia.  Our current enrollment is over 800 students in a school that was probably made for about 300 students, 600 students with our 10 portables.  Even with the addition of four new classrooms that were built last year during the spring and summer, we still […]

The Dread

This is the time when I wish I didn’t work, the start of school.  When you think you have it all sorted out but really you are walking a tightrope, hovering over the Mom Fail Zone.  I know I am not the only one but in my house it feels as if the whole shebang […]