Wake Up Advil

Hello Advil!? Is anybody there?! Did you know that Advil Liqui-gels and Advil Extra Strength Liqui-gels DO NOT have child safety locks on their bottles?!?!?  I tried emailing them on their website but of course I got an error message.  I figured that this was urgent so I called them and here is what they told me. […]

Today we found…

…a BUTTERFLY! I came home from work today, to find the kids bouncing off the walls to show me the latest member of the family. Our 1st nameless BUTTERFLY!

Waterpark Smiles & My 100th Post Milestone.

All of a sudden, it’s June and I have blogged 100 posts.  Well technically this is my 101 post.  I truly started blogging consistently to express my feelings to everyone about my Dad’s death.  It was really hard to tell people in a short, concise answer when they inquired as to how I was doing after the death […]

Went out for milk and all I got was this…

iPhone 3Gs 32 whatever-a-migigs! So I ended up walking into the 1st cell phone store in Willowbrook Mall & asked the guy if he had any iPhones. The answer was YES! And as a family eating ice cream cones watched my children MELTDOWN in the store, I signed my life away (YES, I read the […]

Taken Down

The “Stick It Up Your Bird and Use It” post was taken down as it was taken as an attack at my SIL. It WAS NOT MEANT as an attack, it was a way of looking at it in a funny light, because really in the end when all is said and done, we are […]

The Morning After…

Last night I tweeted about the extent of my 16 hour day.Twitter / Home: “naomijesson busyday park, McD’s, gymnastics, park, coffee, McJournal, laundry, dinner, kisses, school, group work, run 4.3 mi, milk run, blog, tweet&fb” I quietly signed off but really that wasn’t the end of the day. During my 20 minutes-to-Midnight grocery shop at […]