All The World Is A Stage

All the world is a stage when you are a star but when you are 3 going on 4 and 5 going on 6, the biggest stage is your parent’s bed. Lately, my two favourite stars have become actors, dancers, rockstars, princes & princesses, circus performances, gymnastics tumblers, stunt people and most recently, J.Geils Freeze […]

Speechless Devastation

The only hours that I get to watch any news programs are in the wee hours of the night or morning.  The news just shows too much and exposes too much information that I do not want to explain to the children.  Usually I by-pass the news for some fav TV show that I need […]

Pickles & After Eights

I love seeing the world through the eyes of my children. It’s like you are experiencing it for the first time. Currently, I am living with some very honest but blunt food critics. Jackson’s take on pickles. Easton’s critic on After Eight chocolates. I would have to say that they are dead on.

Beware of the Doghouse

There are two things I love about this link. One my brother sent it to me & second it’s going to be seen by the Man when I post it here.  We always joke that someone’s in the doghouse or the bad books.  This was just an extension of my version of both of those. […]

Friday Funnies

I am a Royal Watcher. I secretly read all my Mom’s Hello magazines after she is finished with them.  I was glued to the BBC channel to hear all the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement. All the crazy talk and questions that came out of it surrounding  her engagement ring, fascinated me.  Would you […]

Eight is Enough

Life has been insanely crazy.  It seems that I cannot function unless I over-extend myself. So last Saturday, when I was tagged in Rants and Rascals 8 questions post, it took me this long to actually complete it. Sorry JP!   I have hardly been blogging, so this was a great way to KEEP me going. […]