How Will You Remember?

Jackson asked me about my poppy today.  He said that when he sees the poppy, he remember Grandpa.  Although my Dad did not serve in the war and was interned to Greenwood during the war, I looked upon Jackson’s comment as a thoughtful one.  I purchased pins from the Veterans and used them to fasten […]

Freaky Flying

I can’t say that I have ever liked flying before I had children because I have never taken a passenger airplane before I had children. When I was in my ’20s, I had always joked that the plane  would crash before I reached my destination.  It wasn’t a funny joke but people laughed at how […]

Never Too Old

You’re never too old to fit into a laundry basket.  You’re never too old to read, whilst in a laundry basket.Perhaps though. You will eventually get too big. Love my little Miss.

Falling Apart/Robots Need Love Too (My Dan Mangan rip-off)

If 40 is going to be my new 30, then somebody please tell my aging body, more specifically my back. I woke up out of my bed, surrounded by children that obviously snuck into my bed whilest I was completely passed out, removed the size 2 1/2 boy foot from my lower back and got […]

Happy Mommy’s Day

I would first like to thank all my readers & friends & family for voting for me for the 30 Fabulous Mom Bloggers of 2011.  It truly is just an honor to be named among these great bloggers.   I would also like  to congratulate Karen of the Adventures of the Sunshine Brigade, definitely an […]

Election Day: Rock the Vote & Mom the Vote

Today is the day to vote.  Not just for the Top Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2011 but for our new Federal Government.  Again. Is it really the fourth election in seven years? Crazy. We decided to bring the kids, as we have done in years past, to encourage the conversation that will eventually help […]