5 Reasons Why Change is Good

Jackson just finished having his first practice with his new team.  A new team with NONE of last year’s newest, best-est, closest neighbourhood friends on it. Jackson was pretty upset that he wasn’t on his good friends’ team.  He cried.  He cried a lot.  I tried to explain.  He ignored my explanation.  He continued to believe […]

Toopy and Binoo Pre-sale Offer

ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL PRE-SALE OFFER  The fabulousness continues! Back by popular demand, Koba Entertainment’s production of Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon is back! Join Toopy and Binoo as they embark on their most important musical quest ever, using their out-of-this-world imaginations to create an unforgettable adventure. For a limited time, Koba subscribers are invited […]

The Winner is….

Erin and family!  Erin please email me and I will give you the details on how you can utilize your pass for the VICF! Thank you everyone for entering our contest.  I hope that you will all visit the VICF this year with your family.  

Christmas is Coming: Ready or Not

I don’t know what happened but it’s December 20th and I am still searching for my Christmas Spirit and in dire need to utilize the late night shopping hours. I don’t know what’s wrong?!? I have shipped all my parcels so that they get to their destinations on time.  This is big for me, as […]

Nanny Poaching

A post that I haven’t published from the Spring but thought I should now. It wasn’t until someone told me what day it was, that something sparked the hamster wheel in my head.  There was something about this date that was nagging me!?!   Hmm? Why does this date have some sort of significance?!  Then I […]

Being Proud

I am a proud Hockey Mom. This is the first year Jackson has played hockey.  The Man and I wanted to wait until he asked to play hockey and it actually came sooner than we expected.   I think his former Kindergarten playmates may have made a convincing argument, as all of them played H1 […]