Sometimes little sisters do not want to walk their older brothers to school.  Sometimes little sisters like to dilly-dally which make older brothers grumpy and late.  Sometimes they are tired. Sometimes it takes longer because their “legs are just too little”.    Sometimes little sisters want to take the car because walking the block and […]

The Learning Curve Experiment

Is there something that you love to do and you want your children to enjoy it? Are you finding that they are interested and excited in the programs when you mention them but then the interest fades when they are in the program? Sometimes it’s that the instructors are not great, I know that one […]

Countdown to Christmas

If you haven’t already started freaking out, it’s now time to.  Heh. Christmas is absolutely unavoidable, unless you change your beliefs/religion. Lately the lil-monkees are jumping off the wall.  Last year we counted down to Christmas with a chocolate advent calendar and a calendar that you move the star as each day goes by.  Neither […]

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen…

… make a about 3 dozen cookies! Yesterday was such a fun day with my son Jackson.  He had begged me on Sunday, begged me, to bake some cookies with him after school.  Jackson has never made such a request to me. He has actually never made ANY request of me. Seriously.  Never.  How could […]

Outdoor Play

We have been extremely fortunate in Vancouver this November.  Any day in November where it isn’t raining, is a cue for this Monkee family to hit the outdoors.  We have had some beautiful days where the sun breaks through the clouds and it seems to illuminate everything in its path.  Nothing is more beautiful than […]