The Learning Curve Experiment

Is there something that you love to do and you want your children to enjoy it? Are you finding that they are interested and excited in the programs when you mention them but then the interest fades when they are in the program? Sometimes it’s that the instructors are not great, I know that one […]

Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

Two words. Musical theatre. Musical theatre with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Do you think i’m talking crazy talk? Well you could be right. The Man thought it was SO crazy that he stayed home. Well that and the fact that singing, dancing, and acting is classified as a triple threat, […]

Books That Parents Love Too.

Books are always welcomed at our house, especially now that Jackson is learning to read. I love that Jackson’s Kindergarten class also has a reading program.  After reading so many books, he can get a bookmark, a pencil, and then eventually get to choose his own book to keep. Jackson’s first book is Ten Pens […]

That’s Queen Bum Bum to You!

Butt, Arse, Buttocks, Ass, Tooty, Tushie, Booty, Rear-end, Hiney, Business Class, Back-door, Badonkadonk, Balloon Knot, Batty, Behind, Can, Onion, Patootie, Whoopie Cakes…. ….all don’t measure up to BUM in the Monkee abode. Lately I am living with a bunch of little monkee comedians who only have one joke, that never seems to get old, to them. […]

What I Did Do.

What Would You Do? really seemed to resonate with a lot of you.  I actually received many requests to find out what I actually did do. So here it is. Usually I would not decide to discipline someone else’s child. I mean it. Really.  If a child, that is this old, is behaving in a certain way, […]

What Would You Do?

Have you heard of the Sunday Blues? My Man used to get them a LONG time ago, I have since cured him of them but yesterday he had to try to cure me. As we got ready for our regular skating outing with the Monkee family, my Man noticed that someone had stolen our Costco […]