Taking Action

This Sunday I took a step toward taking Action.  I went for my first run of 2012 and it took 30 minutes into the run before I actually felt good and 45 minutes before my hips and shins were telling me that I need new running shoes.  All those spin classes in my runners trashed […]

Letter to Santa

There’s a chill in the air and the nights are getting darker earlier.  It’s envitable, winter is approaching and with winter comes that one holiday that can drive us insane with stress, delight, tantrums, and joy. Christmas. It’s already started.  Christmas lights, decorations, circling toys in the toy catalogue books, and of course Santa pictures […]

‘Tis the Season for Sickies

It has to be the most frustrating season of the year, the cold season. Your perfectly healthy child can wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty, crying, and being a sleepless-restless whining mess.  Understandable, as your former romping gymnast 8 hours ago, now can’t breathe through her nose, may be coughing with a […]

Getting Involved

Hazelgrove Elementary is the largest populated elementary school in British Columbia.  Our current enrollment is over 800 students in a school that was probably made for about 300 students, 600 students with our 10 portables.  Even with the addition of four new classrooms that were built last year during the spring and summer, we still […]

Playing Fair

I am constantly concerned about being an equal and fair parent.  I don’t want to play favourites.  I have seen the repercussions of favouritism, not with my parents, but with friends and it’s ugly. It’s a bit of a losing battle, unless you have twins, because you remember what it was like to dote on […]

Freaky Flying

I can’t say that I have ever liked flying before I had children because I have never taken a passenger airplane before I had children. When I was in my ’20s, I had always joked that the plane  would crash before I reached my destination.  It wasn’t a funny joke but people laughed at how […]