Happy Mommy’s Day

I would first like to thank all my readers & friends & family for voting for me for the 30 Fabulous Mom Bloggers of 2011.  It truly is just an honor to be named among these great bloggers.   I would also like  to congratulate Karen of the Adventures of the Sunshine Brigade, definitely an […]

Wordless Wednesdays- Spring Lighting

Nothing is more fabulous than the spring glow that is generated as the sun sets on a dampened sidewalk. No. Wait. I think having a Grandma that will make faces is pretty fabulous too. No. Wait. I think the Monkee’s would argue that having a cookie the size of your head is probably the most […]

Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

Two words. Musical theatre. Musical theatre with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Do you think i’m talking crazy talk? Well you could be right. The Man thought it was SO crazy that he stayed home. Well that and the fact that singing, dancing, and acting is classified as a triple threat, […]

The Crummy Football League

The  Crummy Football League is what I usually jokingly call the Canadian Football League (CFL). Normally the BC Lions play at BC Place but since the roof blew off the stadium, the updating of the stadium could not be ignored.  The renovations are in full swing and are to include a retractable roof.   Not only will the Lions be playing at […]