Election Day: Rock the Vote & Mom the Vote

Today is the day to vote.  Not just for the Top Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2011 but for our new Federal Government.  Again. Is it really the fourth election in seven years? Crazy. We decided to bring the kids, as we have done in years past, to encourage the conversation that will eventually help […]

Slumber Party

I love it when the kids get ideas into their heads.  The ideas seem to fester and grow with each passing minute.  The ideas usually come from that treasure trove chest of ideas that only kids can tap into, where adults can never venture because our ideas are laced with the reality of guidelines, tainted […]

Surrey for Kids: Name the Eaglet Contest

The City of Surrey has a great new site and link for our Surrey kids. There are memory games that focus on local Surrey locations and wildlife. Have fun exploring Surrey’s wilderness or even Surrey’s city hall. The Monkee kiddies really enjoyed the music and playing the games on my laptop. I had fun exploring […]

Wednesday of a Few Words- Playoffs & Watermelon

The Canucks just finished getting walloped 7-2 by the Blackhawks in game 4.  I guess there will be no need for the broom tonight but I refuse to stop believing, although I am noticing a lot of jumpers already.  We are still up 3-1 jumpers!?  I classify these fans as the fruit fly fans, minimal attention span […]

One Little, Two Little, Three Little…

Sickies. I thought we did it this season, you know, beat the plague.  Just when I thought spring had sprung, so did the usual plague.  It just kills me how often children get sick and spread their loving sickness throughout the family.  I was informed by my doctor that it’s an average of 10-20 times […]

All The World Is A Stage

All the world is a stage when you are a star but when you are 3 going on 4 and 5 going on 6, the biggest stage is your parent’s bed. Lately, my two favourite stars have become actors, dancers, rockstars, princes & princesses, circus performances, gymnastics tumblers, stunt people and most recently, J.Geils Freeze […]