Sunday Musings of a 6 Year Old

Jackson looks up at me from his cereal bowl. J: “Mommy you’re not going to get old when you grow up. Right Mommy?” M: “Jackson, I am already grown up”. J: “But you’re not OLD”. M: “Yes Jackson. I’m not old. Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” J: “Yes Mommy. I […]

Funky Monkey Ear

Jackson was born perfect, except for a little bit of a folded right ear, which we lovingly call  The Funky Monkey Ear. I have taken Jackson for multiple ear tests, only to have them all confirm that it is just a cosmetic “deformity” (as the doctor’s lovingly call it).  I was told by our family […]

The Sun is Having Breakfast & Other Musings of a 6 year old

Jackson: Mom.  I think the sun is having breakfast. No.  No.  I know the sun is having breakfast. Me: That’s really interesting Jackson.  Why do think that? Jackson: It smells yummy.  It smells like food (in the movie theatre parking lot). Me: Whatcha doing Jackson? Jackson: Nothing.  Just feels like flying. Every time he would go to […]

Is Your Child a Thief?

Summer is in full swing, not the weather but the camps and activities that really define summer for our family. Swimming lessons, dance camp, soccer training camp, hockey skills camp, superhero day camp, and school camp. That’s right.  School camp,  or what I lovingly know to be Grade One prep.  Jackson’ wasn’t really sold on […]

I’m Cracking.

The monkeys are growing up so quickly, that every so often, you hear a little crick or crack coming from their monkey bodies. Lately Jackson has been hearing the cracks more often. Today he turned to me and said, “Did you hear that? That was another crack.” “I crack so much, maybe i’m an egg.” […]

Wordless Wednesdays: School Field Trips

As a part-time working Mom, it’s always great to be able to participate in school activities.  Unfortunately, most activities happen on the days that I am working. Boo.  Luckily, the field trips have been on days that I do not work.  I thought Jackson would be the one being excited that I came along, but […]