Code Red Means Someone Has A Gun Mommy

Does that headline shock you? Good.  Because that is exactly how I felt. There was an incident in a neighboring community with a student bringing a gun or replica gun into a school.  I don’t know the exact details as I/we try to catch the news without the children around.  They are always around.  This prompted my […]

Being Proud

I am a proud Hockey Mom. This is the first year Jackson has played hockey.  The Man and I wanted to wait until he asked to play hockey and it actually came sooner than we expected.   I think his former Kindergarten playmates may have made a convincing argument, as all of them played H1 […]

Wednesdays of a Few Words: The Tuck and Roll Perfected

Jackson demonstrating the Classic Jesson Tuck & Roll, an age old practice perfected by Jesson Men to steal the covers from their significant others.     Mornings.  Monday mornings especially make you want to stay undercover.  

Playing Fair

I am constantly concerned about being an equal and fair parent.  I don’t want to play favourites.  I have seen the repercussions of favouritism, not with my parents, but with friends and it’s ugly. It’s a bit of a losing battle, unless you have twins, because you remember what it was like to dote on […]

Something is in the Air

There’s something in the air. The kids smell it, as they have increased their level of silliness by a thousand billion percent. The smell is that of the constant tension, anticipation, uncontrollable excitement.  They smell ‘change’.  It’s emanating in the air, and it’s strong as the smell of a Chinatown garbage dumpster in the scorching […]

A New Strain of Eurasian Watermilfoil

There is a new strain of Eurasian Watermilfoil invading Christina Lake.  This strain not only attaches to other native lake plants but is has seen attaching to the small upper lip region of swimmers and other human beings that encounter it. Watch out it’s an attack of the MUTANT MILFOIL MUSTACHES! WARNING: No one is […]