Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

Two words. Musical theatre. Musical theatre with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Do you think i’m talking crazy talk? Well you could be right. The Man thought it was SO crazy that he stayed home. Well that and the fact that singing, dancing, and acting is classified as a triple threat, […]

That’s Queen Bum Bum to You!

Butt, Arse, Buttocks, Ass, Tooty, Tushie, Booty, Rear-end, Hiney, Business Class, Back-door, Badonkadonk, Balloon Knot, Batty, Behind, Can, Onion, Patootie, Whoopie Cakes…. ….all don’t measure up to BUM in the Monkee abode. Lately I am living with a bunch of little monkee comedians who only have one joke, that never seems to get old, to them. […]

Friday Funnies

I am a Royal Watcher. I secretly read all my Mom’s Hello magazines after she is finished with them.  I was glued to the BBC channel to hear all the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement. All the crazy talk and questions that came out of it surrounding  her engagement ring, fascinated me.  Would you […]

Misunderstandings- The Monkee Kid Versions

I had just gotten home for work.  Changed into my comfy lu’s and was relaxing and reading on the couch. That’s when Easty grabbed her gold sequin previously loved flip-flops and stated she was “GOING!”. Ok. I take the bait. Me: “Where you going Easty?”. Easty: “I’m going nowhere and Jacksy coming too.” Then Easty […]

It Looks Like Crop Rotation

It became apparent when people thought I had white paint in my hair (from painting our house trim) that I should actually do something about the whiteys/grey hairs that were popping up again. Why? Because I just can’t embrace them right now. Why, oh why, do they always pop up around your face. If they were […]

Wordless Wednesday

  Jacks: Mom! Mom! Is it WIGGLING? Me: Wiggling? Jacks: Yes! Is it WIGGLING? Is my hair WIGGLING? Me: Your hair?  Wiggling? Yes! *snicker* I guess your hair is wiggling in the wind. Jacks: HAHAHAHA! Then cue the laughter from Easty and me. I have my trusty old ’92 Volkswagen Jetta. It does not have air-conditioning, […]