5 Reasons Why Change is Good

Jackson just finished having his first practice with his new team.  A new team with NONE of last year’s newest, best-est, closest neighbourhood friends on it. Jackson was pretty upset that he wasn’t on his good friends’ team.  He cried.  He cried a lot.  I tried to explain.  He ignored my explanation.  He continued to believe […]

Street Hockey Rules

This weekend was the start of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association tournament, that wraps up today.  It will also wrap up Jackson’s first season of hockey. I am truly sad about it. After all my apprehension about Jackson fitting in or having an emotional super sensitive moment about his own abilities; or being compared to […]

Taking Action

This Sunday I took a step toward taking Action.  I went for my first run of 2012 and it took 30 minutes into the run before I actually felt good and 45 minutes before my hips and shins were telling me that I need new running shoes.  All those spin classes in my runners trashed […]

It’s Official

Today is a day of firsts. Jackson’s first hockey tournament. Jackson’s first 7am game, which means getting up at 5:15am and trying to arrive for the game by 6:30am.  Waking a sleepy non-morning monster (my gene’s there) and trying to encourage some breakfast during moans and groans of “But I need more sleep Mom”. Don’t […]

Being Proud

I am a proud Hockey Mom. This is the first year Jackson has played hockey.  The Man and I wanted to wait until he asked to play hockey and it actually came sooner than we expected.   I think his former Kindergarten playmates may have made a convincing argument, as all of them played H1 […]

P.S.I.: of the Mother-Kind

For the biggest game of the Vancouver Canucks season, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, where were you watching the game? I was waiting in line to register my son for hockey.  Is that classified as irony? There I was at 6:10pm, fifth in line.  At the front of the line was a Dad […]