Wednesday of a Few Words- My Karate Kid

When I was looking into registering Jackson in martial arts, the obvious choice was Karate.  He may be a blue-eyed, blonde haired boy but he is still a quarter Japanese with one of his middle names being Akira.  If I was going to drop the Tanaka, then I was definitely going to inject some Japanese […]

It Happened.

In the back of my mind I knew it had to be done. Mother’s instinct and Grandma’s observations confirmed it. I needed to get the lil’ monkees eyes checked and my worry was that Jackson needed glasses.  Jackson had been turning his head oh so slightly to watch the TV. Please.  I don’t want them […]

Wake Up Advil

Hello Advil!? Is anybody there?! Did you know that Advil Liqui-gels and Advil Extra Strength Liqui-gels DO NOT have child safety locks on their bottles?!?!?  I tried emailing them on their website but of course I got an error message.  I figured that this was urgent so I called them and here is what they told me. […]

My Norwegian Experience: A Review

I do not think that I really seriously thought about chemicals and the harmful effects of those chemicals until I became a Mom. I was conscientious about the environment prior to children but I was highly-concerned about harmful cleaning chemicals when I found my teething 6 month old sucking his fingers after he has just finished crawling all over my wet kitchen floor.  As a Mom/Parent it is our […]

Childrun 2010 Team Ella V

This was the 3rd year that Team Ella V participated in the 25th Annual ChildRun.  This year we didn’t get a team sign, they forgot to make one?! We arrived at 8am, only to search for an hour amongst the 6,000+ participants looking for the sign.  When we finally found our team we scrambled to put […]

Period. That’s It.

Warning: Stop reading this right now if you are a squeamish individual, usually of the male persuasion. Stop reading if you can’t stand the thought of hearing about something that has wings, flow, absorbency, or basically anything to do with feminine hygiene products used on a monthly basis. Bye Craig D. What is up with my bloody […]