‘Tis the Season for Sickies

It has to be the most frustrating season of the year, the cold season. Your perfectly healthy child can wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty, crying, and being a sleepless-restless whining mess.  Understandable, as your former romping gymnast 8 hours ago, now can’t breathe through her nose, may be coughing with a […]

Bloggers for Boobies

  Last year, 2010,  I had taken a hiatus from running and focused on spinning (intense cycling endurance) and weights at the gym.   I really didn’t think that I would miss running, as I never classified myself as a runner.  The only part that I thought I truly loved was when I was finished. […]

Falling Apart/Robots Need Love Too (My Dan Mangan rip-off)

If 40 is going to be my new 30, then somebody please tell my aging body, more specifically my back. I woke up out of my bed, surrounded by children that obviously snuck into my bed whilest I was completely passed out, removed the size 2 1/2 boy foot from my lower back and got […]

Keeping Our Children Safe.

As soon as I learned I was pregnant, I started to worry about the health of my child. I thought that my feelings would alleviate after he was born but they didn’t, they just increased. I soon realized that it was important for me to understand that as a mother, I would always worry but […]

Wordless Wednesday: Japanese Genes

I am half-Japanese.  I thought I would put that out there because upon seeing my children, I have had many a mother question if I was The Nanny (not Fran Drescher either).  Most people look at my dark hair and then cannot see beyond the blond hair and blue eyes of my children, or the […]

Sowing Spring Seeds

It’s that time of year.  Time to get the hands dirty and do some gardening.  Our shipment from Westcoast Seeds arrived last month, as well as our Mason bees.  The bees are still currently hibernating in our fridge.  Mason Bees are amazing pollinators and are the least likely to sting you.  Male Mason bees do […]