Birthday Party Dramas

Birthday party drama is unavoidable in a child’s life.  It gets to a point where the backyard party or the in-home party is impossible to carry out.  Birthday parties can get large and expensive as the amount of friends that your children has grows larger and our property lines get smaller, especially if they are involved in […]


I guess it takes a lifetime to make friends, as it feels like I am always learning lessons from friendships. I still wonder why some friends stay and other just don’t stand the test of time. It’s never the same. It could be someone that I bonded with RIGHT away or someone that I knew […]

Butterfly Release.

It seemed to take forever but finally we had 5 butterflies.  One for each of the VonJessons (we renamed our gaggle of kids this after they were thought to be all siblings). The faces of the butterflies were so interesting and I was surprised at how big they were compared to the Chrysalis. But they […]

Things I Learned in LA

I really do know the meaning of the phrase “traffic is a parking lot on the 101”. Yes I have to admit, I was a bit punchy after our hour long car ride. Five lanes of traffic, with cars stopping for absolutely no reason, drove me insane. The edginess finally wore off after my first […]

Ventura-land for me.

Studio City may have Disneyland & Universal but I found my grown-up adult entertainment down Ventura Boulevard. After a slightly nauseated ride up the hill towards my BFF’s place, where my driver Alex had to stop by the side of the rode as I had a panic attack that brought out all my hangover symptoms. […]

And It’s Over.

Just like that a whole week of hanging out with my McMoms & then they disappear into thin air. I didn’t even REALLY get to say goodbye. Highlights included: Our geographically challenged but brilliantly styled entourage. They look like they pop out of a magazine EVERY day. Cheering the Canucks to their playoff death at […]