Wednesdays of a Few Words: Hello Spring? Are you there?

Hello Spring, Are you there Spring?  It’s me, the Mama of this Monkee family. We really have missed you and would really like it if you were not so shy.  Our family loves it when you are bold!  We LOVE the warmer weather and sunshine, that way my son could wear shorts all day.  I am tired […]

That Hurts.

I remember being about 10 or 11.  I swore I was the LAST person ever in the entire world to get earrings.  My Mom told me that I could get them, as long as I didn’t cry.  I didn’t realize that perhaps after I got them, is when the tears would come.  I didn’t cry […]

Girl’s Night Out with Gio

I am always the last one on the list for anything. Last one to get a haircut.  Always needing a dye job.  Never shopping for myself.  Always for the kids.  Moms are all the last ones on the list to do something for themselves.  I admit to it. This time I decided to do something […]

Things To Do In Your Underwear

I woke up this morning and tackled my bathroom catch-all drawer.  The end result made me smile and then realize that most women’s products come in a refreshing sunny green. How tranquil & relaxing. Another thing that I found in the bathroom vanity drawers was a blast from my ’90s past. SWIZZLERS! Guaranteed to give […]

Knees Glorious Knees

It’s not quite Wordless Wednesday but if a picture says a 1000 words here is about 6000 words, plus a couple of run-on fragmented swear phrases too. I am slowly losing a small fortune to jeans.  The last pair is Easty’s and yes her’s is also going in the knees as well. Does my son […]

The Mad Hatter

I may have fallen in love again. I think I may have fallen in love with my Baroness Ashley hats, or more like stumbled. A couple summers ago, I bought two hats at the Langley Country Fair and I patiently waited until the fall to wear them.  At first, it was just to cover up […]