Wordless Wednesdays- Spring Lighting

Nothing is more fabulous than the spring glow that is generated as the sun sets on a dampened sidewalk. No. Wait. I think having a Grandma that will make faces is pretty fabulous too. No. Wait. I think the Monkee’s would argue that having a cookie the size of your head is probably the most […]

Pickles & After Eights

I love seeing the world through the eyes of my children. It’s like you are experiencing it for the first time. Currently, I am living with some very honest but blunt food critics. Jackson’s take on pickles. Easton’s critic on After Eight chocolates. I would have to say that they are dead on.

Anatomy Lessons & Anniversary Presents

As I lay in bed, my Man turned to me, straddled & hovered over both children that were wedged between us, and wished me a happy wedding anniversary followed by a kiss. I hadn’t even remembered these two monkeys, sneaking in bed with us.  Which one came first? I swear I marched them both back […]


Sometimes little sisters do not want to walk their older brothers to school.  Sometimes little sisters like to dilly-dally which make older brothers grumpy and late.  Sometimes they are tired. Sometimes it takes longer because their “legs are just too little”.    Sometimes little sisters want to take the car because walking the block and […]


Just last Thursday, we had our first snowfall. The first of many big snowfalls predicted for this winter. The snow may have stopped falling but Easty still has her Best Friend Forever. Her BFF is Snowball.  She made it herself. Easty was very concerned. Very concerned that snowball would melt. Easty decided to put snowball […]

Pee Knees

Unlocking the mystery of Pee knees. Easty has amazing verbal communication skills.  This was the first time that we ran into a word that caused her so much frustration. Frustration that neither Mommy or Daddy could understand what the heck she was saying. What the heck are pee knees?