Four & Father’s Day.

Amongst the kerfuffle of Kindergarten field trips, preschool graduation, hockey registration, ballet & gymnastics finales, new nanny interviews, and birthday celebrations, my little girl turned four on June 19th. It was very fitting that her birthday this year landed on Father’s day, as Easty is truly Daddy’s Little Girl.       Easty knows who […]

Wednesdays of a Few Words: Heart Attack Child – Daredevil – No Fear

Do you have one of these? Climb up blue rings. Shimmy across blue bar. Slide down red pole. Fire hydrant statue. Enjoying the view. The attitude look I got when I asked her to get down. Please. Easty got down. But only when SHE was good and ready. Sigh. Somebody pass me the defibrillator. Is […]

Wednesdays of a Few Words: Tutu’s and Tantrums

I was not a tutu-loving child.  My first day of ballet, I cried and told my Mom that I never wanted to go back.  I remember that it was because I was the only one who did not have the proper ballet slippers for that first day of class.  My Mom bought me some ballet […]

Living the Fabulous Life.

Every year, the Mom’s are invited to visit the preschool to celebrate Mother’s Day. The class sings songs, usually “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee” and “My mommy gave me a nickel”. We eat cupcakes.   They also ask the preschoolers what they believe their Mom’s can and cannot do.  Proving again that children’s observations […]

Wordless Wednesday: Japanese Genes

I am half-Japanese.  I thought I would put that out there because upon seeing my children, I have had many a mother question if I was The Nanny (not Fran Drescher either).  Most people look at my dark hair and then cannot see beyond the blond hair and blue eyes of my children, or the […]

Things To Do In Your Underwear

I woke up this morning and tackled my bathroom catch-all drawer.  The end result made me smile and then realize that most women’s products come in a refreshing sunny green. How tranquil & relaxing. Another thing that I found in the bathroom vanity drawers was a blast from my ’90s past. SWIZZLERS! Guaranteed to give […]