Letter to Canucks

Dear Vancouver Canucks, Thank you so much for winning  Game 5 on Friday.  My Man and our family had a great weekend because of it.  My husband got “Happy Legs” just like you guys and decided to clean the house, cut the grass, and play with the kids all day Saturday.  My Man even sat […]

Playoff Etiquette 101

The Game 7 win against the Chicago Blackhawks was still reverberating when the Canucks beat the Nashville Predators on Thursday.  I know my Canucks adrenaline was still coursing through my veins, as I requested that the McDonalds turn the TV to the game on Thursday, as Jackson was having fun celebrating his classmates 6th birthday. I was […]

Game 7

You asked for a picture of me in the pink Canuck jersey. As they say, be careful what you wish for. Heh.   But I am wearing it.  Let’s hope it’s not the last time this season. #Let’s GO CANUCKS! #3venge! #Failhawks! If they don’t win, I just may die a little inside. That’s me […]

Wednesday of a Few Words- Playoffs & Watermelon

The Canucks just finished getting walloped 7-2 by the Blackhawks in game 4.  I guess there will be no need for the broom tonight but I refuse to stop believing, although I am noticing a lot of jumpers already.  We are still up 3-1 jumpers!?  I classify these fans as the fruit fly fans, minimal attention span […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

It’s playoff time. The time of the year when there is a hockey game every day for at least a month. We love hockey in the House of Monkey, being that both the Man and I are born and raised in Vancouver, it’s a natural progression to have a special place in our hearts for […]

Girl’s Day & Boy’s Day

Every so often, I get all into my Japanese heritage. It all came about when I commented on my friend’s blog, Ali, that Japanese were Oriental not Asian. I believe it is because of the Pearl of the Orient seas, so anything that touches the Pearl of the Orient seas is Oriental. That would also […]