Wordless Wednesday: Japanese Genes

I am half-Japanese.  I thought I would put that out there because upon seeing my children, I have had many a mother question if I was The Nanny (not Fran Drescher either).  Most people look at my dark hair and then cannot see beyond the blond hair and blue eyes of my children, or the […]


Nothing is more exciting than a book that you can enjoy reading with your son. Nothing is more brilliant than fighting your Man over who is going to read this book with your son. Nothing is more amazing than a series of books that encourage your son to want to read. Nothing is more awesome […]

Books That Parents Love Too.

Books are always welcomed at our house, especially now that Jackson is learning to read. I love that Jackson’s Kindergarten class also has a reading program.  After reading so many books, he can get a bookmark, a pencil, and then eventually get to choose his own book to keep. Jackson’s first book is Ten Pens […]

I thought I was the only one who said Hullabaloo.

Have you ever wondered where the flu came from? Blame little Miss Felicity Floo! In this funny and very quirky-cool illustrated book by E.S. Redmond, we find that it originated from Felicity Floo (who)Visits the Zoo, all because she “wiped her red, runny nose without a tissue”.  In the book, we follow Felicity as she […]