Don’t you BLAHHH-gog.

I don’t know what it is about me.  There seems to be something about me that certain people find irritatingly bothersome.  Something so irritatingly bothersome, that they must ridicule my irritatingly bothersome act and then immediately follow that reaction, by copying said irritatingly bothersome act that they were formerly mocking. Confused yet?! I am. Blogging […]

Blogger Party equals Awkward MonkeeMama Moment

Last night I drove through some of my old haunts in East Vancouver and Kitsilano to attend the Vancouver Moms 2011 Fabulous 30 Mom Bloggers party at Bopomo on West Broadway. I drove through East Van, gawking at the Lee Building top floor where I used to live with two pro skateboarders.  Just roomies, although […]

Vote Now For Your Favourite Fabulous Mom Bloggers of 2011!

It’s Election Day! And it’s time to vote. Not just for our Canadian Leader but also for the No.1 most Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2011, on You have a maximum of 5 choices per vote but only one chance to vote. Hopefully I will be one of your five. Check out my post […]

Nominated for the 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers 2011

Thank you for your nominations! I am honored and very flattered to be chosen as one of the 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers at I am most sincerely flattered, as I stumbled upon the ultimate 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers of 2010, whenI was searching for some great local Mom bloggers to follow. Last […]

A Little About Me.

I was absolutely flattered when Jodi of Rants & Rascals wanted to interview me for her new blog feature.  This was her first blogger interview post and this was my first interview as a blogger.  We both kind of popped our virgin cyber-cherries, I joked. Jodi asked some great questions and I hope that I […]

Have you heard of Momversation?

Momversation is this great site where “real women share insights into the issues that affect us”.  Currently they are looking for new Mom Blogger’s that are “shining stars” that perhaps have not been discovered yet.  I am not looking for a nomination, we have all seen my McMom’s footage,  but I really think that it would […]