P.S.I.: of the Mother-Kind

For the biggest game of the Vancouver Canucks season, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, where were you watching the game? I was waiting in line to register my son for hockey.  Is that classified as irony? There I was at 6:10pm, fifth in line.  At the front of the line was a Dad […]

Don’t you BLAHHH-gog.

I don’t know what it is about me.  There seems to be something about me that certain people find irritatingly bothersome.  Something so irritatingly bothersome, that they must ridicule my irritatingly bothersome act and then immediately follow that reaction, by copying said irritatingly bothersome act that they were formerly mocking. Confused yet?! I am. Blogging […]

Blogger Party equals Awkward MonkeeMama Moment

Last night I drove through some of my old haunts in East Vancouver and Kitsilano to attend the Vancouver Moms 2011 Fabulous 30 Mom Bloggers party at Bopomo on West Broadway. I drove through East Van, gawking at the Lee Building top floor where I used to live with two pro skateboarders.  Just roomies, although […]

Confessions of a Sickie: Flu, Flixs, and Tommy Gavin

Nothing is more special than being stricken with a stomach flu and then subsequently, running out of toilet paper. Lovely thoughts, I know.  Usually we are stocked with the Costco, individually-wrapped overly-packaged specials but you can never plan on when you will run out.  It is always at an inopportune time like during the plague.  It seems […]

Toy Traders & Free Comic Book Day

Toy Traders has to be one of my favorite stores and concepts, now that I am a parent. This toy store accepts toys for trade Tuesday through Saturday (10am-5pm). The concept is that you bring in your toys, baby gear, and they will give you half of what they will eventually sell it for in […]

Election Day: Rock the Vote & Mom the Vote

Today is the day to vote.  Not just for the Top Fabulous Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2011 but for our new Federal Government.  Again. Is it really the fourth election in seven years? Crazy. We decided to bring the kids, as we have done in years past, to encourage the conversation that will eventually help […]