Playing Fair

I am constantly concerned about being an equal and fair parent.  I don’t want to play favourites.  I have seen the repercussions of favouritism, not with my parents, but with friends and it’s ugly. It’s a bit of a losing battle, unless you have twins, because you remember what it was like to dote on […]

The Dread

This is the time when I wish I didn’t work, the start of school.  When you think you have it all sorted out but really you are walking a tightrope, hovering over the Mom Fail Zone.  I know I am not the only one but in my house it feels as if the whole shebang […]

Two Plus One Equals Three *The Gig is Up*

As the third wave of babies starts breaking, I am surprised more and more by how many families are having a third child in this economy.   The Man and I never really talked about anything more than two, but then I think that if we were not so long in the tooth younger, and […]

Sunday Musings of a 6 Year Old

Jackson looks up at me from his cereal bowl. J: “Mommy you’re not going to get old when you grow up. Right Mommy?” M: “Jackson, I am already grown up”. J: “But you’re not OLD”. M: “Yes Jackson. I’m not old. Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” J: “Yes Mommy. I […]

Falling Apart/Robots Need Love Too (My Dan Mangan rip-off)

If 40 is going to be my new 30, then somebody please tell my aging body, more specifically my back. I woke up out of my bed, surrounded by children that obviously snuck into my bed whilest I was completely passed out, removed the size 2 1/2 boy foot from my lower back and got […]

Funky Monkey Ear

Jackson was born perfect, except for a little bit of a folded right ear, which we lovingly call  The Funky Monkey Ear. I have taken Jackson for multiple ear tests, only to have them all confirm that it is just a cosmetic “deformity” (as the doctor’s lovingly call it).  I was told by our family […]