The Gremlins in the Recycle Bin are Pervs.

There’s a certain lingerie magazine that I must have unknowingly subscribed to when I made my yearly purchase of bras in Vegas last September.  I perhaps checked yes to the subscription, I don’t know, cause I am notorious for not reading the fine print (see Rogers post). I received my first edition this month.  Flipped […]

Wisdom from Dr. Seuss

I think that we all have memories of being bullied, that we would like to forget. I distinctly remember a good friend in elementary school refusing to walk home with me in junior high, scared that if she did walk with me that she too would be severely bullied and harassed, just by associating with me.  That probably hurt me the […]


It’s day 7 and I am still tripping over the balance board.  Although it’s not been said, The Man must be resolving to “get fit/healthier” this year.  I am proud of him for focusing on health.  I know that increasing his fitness level will make him a less stressed, happier, healthier Dad.  It’s also great entertainment for […]

Christmas is Coming: Ready or Not

I don’t know what happened but it’s December 20th and I am still searching for my Christmas Spirit and in dire need to utilize the late night shopping hours. I don’t know what’s wrong?!? I have shipped all my parcels so that they get to their destinations on time.  This is big for me, as […]

‘Tis the Season for Sickies

It has to be the most frustrating season of the year, the cold season. Your perfectly healthy child can wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty, crying, and being a sleepless-restless whining mess.  Understandable, as your former romping gymnast 8 hours ago, now can’t breathe through her nose, may be coughing with a […]

Wednesday of a Few Words: My Extreme Couponing Moment

I like a deal but I refuse to make it my fourth part-time job… but after the rush I got from saving $16.45 on feminine hygiene products, it makes me wonder.  OhMiGawd. The rush.  It was absolutely thrilling. Personally, I think there should be some sort of discount for women on these items.  We should be able […]