The Mad Hatter

I may have fallen in love again. I think I may have fallen in love with my Baroness Ashley hats, or more like stumbled. A couple summers ago, I bought two hats at the Langley Country Fair and I patiently waited until the fall to wear them.  At first, it was just to cover up […]

Happy “Hoochie” Halloween

A brand new gigantic Halloween store opened up on Fraser Highway (the former location of one of the first Winners in the Lower Mainland-just an interesting tidbit that I thought all Winners shoppers would appreciate).    Jackson had spotted the sign one day and mentioned that he wanted to go there to look for more […]

Disrespecting my V-China

I don’t like pain. This is one of the reasons why I don’t have a tattoo when one of my good friends is a tattoo artist. This is why I don’t have anything pierced besides my ears. This is why I am not a big fan of getting regularily waxed BUT I will do it […]

Hidden Addictions

Embarrassing is when you lose your Passport & you have a new-to-you friend help you explore your suitcase looking for it.  Then your new-to-you friend pauses and says OH.   Only to realize that you have a hidden addiction. Snagging all the toiletries from your hotel rooms. Embarrassing as this situation is I love to have these […]

It Looks Like Crop Rotation

It became apparent when people thought I had white paint in my hair (from painting our house trim) that I should actually do something about the whiteys/grey hairs that were popping up again. Why? Because I just can’t embrace them right now. Why, oh why, do they always pop up around your face. If they were […]