Reasons Why Easton and I are Flipping for Triple Flip Wear

 I am impressed with Triple Flip wear for a number of reasons.   Easton is a perfect size 1.  Yes, a 1.  What is a 1? A 1 is the start of the Triple Flip sizing chart.   Triple Flip Wear has deleted the traditional sizing of XS, S, M, L, XL  and utilized a numbered sizing system […]

The Gremlins in the Recycle Bin are Pervs.

There’s a certain lingerie magazine that I must have unknowingly subscribed to when I made my yearly purchase of bras in Vegas last September.  I perhaps checked yes to the subscription, I don’t know, cause I am notorious for not reading the fine print (see Rogers post). I received my first edition this month.  Flipped […]

It’s Perfect

Nothing is better than waking up early to a huge snowfall (by Vancouver standards), on a Saturday.  There’s something magical about the snow in the glow of the morning sunrise. Straight from jammie’s & bedheads to snowsuits & toques.   The Man woke up in time to congratulate me on my sidewalk shoveling with the […]

The Worst Job As A Parent

It’s the chore that I detest but it must be done. Throwing out Editing the kids artwork and school work.  We have scads of it. Personally, I would love to keep everything but really it’s just not realistic. Some artwork has a story too good to forget and too precious to throw away.  This picture […]

Girl’s Night Out with Gio

I am always the last one on the list for anything. Last one to get a haircut.  Always needing a dye job.  Never shopping for myself.  Always for the kids.  Moms are all the last ones on the list to do something for themselves.  I admit to it. This time I decided to do something […]

Things To Do In Your Underwear

I woke up this morning and tackled my bathroom catch-all drawer.  The end result made me smile and then realize that most women’s products come in a refreshing sunny green. How tranquil & relaxing. Another thing that I found in the bathroom vanity drawers was a blast from my ’90s past. SWIZZLERS! Guaranteed to give […]