Being Ready

Many times our kids may be physically ready to tackle a new skill or sport but they may not be mentally ready to try this new skill or said sport. Jackson is a very sensitive, intense, positive boy whose biggest nemesis is his mind. His mind has rationalized that he must have his training wheels […]

Street Hockey Rules

This weekend was the start of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association tournament, that wraps up today.  It will also wrap up Jackson’s first season of hockey. I am truly sad about it. After all my apprehension about Jackson fitting in or having an emotional super sensitive moment about his own abilities; or being compared to […]

Rhyming with the New 2012 Ford Explorer.

My ninety two Jetta is starting to pout, As I drive the new Twenty Twelve Explorer about, The Man is impressed with what is on board, He can’t believe that this “IS a Ford?!”. Bluetooth that connects my iPhone with ease, So when then kids ask for Gaga, They’ll just have to say please. With […]

The Man, The Anniversary

Triumphs. Joys. Hardships. Loss. Life. You still make me laugh with the force of twelve hyenas through it all. Happy Anniversary Monk! I still love you with all my heart.

That Hurts.

I remember being about 10 or 11.  I swore I was the LAST person ever in the entire world to get earrings.  My Mom told me that I could get them, as long as I didn’t cry.  I didn’t realize that perhaps after I got them, is when the tears would come.  I didn’t cry […]

And the Winners are…

CONGRATULATIONS… Maria, Lisa, Krysten, and Erin! I have Phineas and Ferb goody bags for all of you! I will be contacting you via email. Have a great Saturday!  I hope you are all lucky enough to see the show.