Starbucks: Give a Little or Take a Little

I love coffee.

I especially love Starbucks coffee.

I especially, especially love my Dark Roast Coffee Misto with Non-Fat Milk & Sugar-Free Vanilla.

Yes, it’s a mouthful to order but it’s like a latte, except cheaper and stronger.

When Starbucks came out with a rewards program, I immediately jumped on the band wagon. It is so simple to register a gift card online, why not do it to reap the rewards.  With the Rewards program, every 15 transactions (order each item independently or you won’t receive the benefits of a multiple item order) you receive a postcard in the mail to receive a free drink.  Starbucks rewards also include FREE syrups, FREE soy milk,  and a FREE birthday drink.

I even downloaded a Starbucks App on my iPhone so I can just scan my phone instead digging in my wallet for my Gold Card (you need to order 30 drinks a year to gain gold status and to keep it).

Change is inevitable and Starbucks will go and change their ways on October 16th.

The Bad News first:

As of October 16th, Rewards does not offer syrups and soy milk for free anymore.

The Good News:

It only takes 12 transactions to earn a FREE drink AND now that FREE drink can also be a FREE food item.

Your FREE item will now show up directly to your Starbucks Reward card/Starbucks iPhone App- no more waiting for a postcard, only to find out The Man used your FREE drink for themselves  you lost your postcard in the abyss of the purse or in the clutter of junk mail.

You still get a FREE birthday drink- it will just appear on your card/app.

Refills will continue to be FREE.

Rewards Faster - Oct 16th My Starbucks Rewards are coming to you faster (and tastier)

Starbucks may be a higher price point than most coffee shops but sometimes you have to treat yourself.  This way, I can treat myself and slowly get rewarded for it.  Every little bit helps.

What’s your favourite drink?  Do you countdown the days until Pumpkin Spice flavoring is available?










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