Back to School = Back to Tears

Both the Monkee children are going to elementary school this year.  I know it’s September but our family calendar year starts and ends with the school year.  

It is a major milestone in our house, as both children will be in school all-day and I will have a whole day free to myself- if you call laundry & cleaning & grocery shopping childless a free day.  It really is a free day, as it takes half the time to finish without children helping.

I was concerned that my over-anxious-highly-prepared-over-excited-for-school-like-only-a-girl-could-be daughter might be disappointed that the first day was only 45 minutes.  She was but she dealt with it wonderfully, even though she guilt-tripped me a little by asking if I could not go to work and take her to school, instead of Grandma.  I couldn’t take her but she was still happy.

Jackson gave me a YES with a left-arm pump that the first day was only 45 minutes.

The next day was a full day for Jackson and only a two hour day for Easton, it also went quite well.  My Mom commented on the quietness of Easty when she picked her up, but when she surprisely napped for two hours, it wasn’t must of a wonder why she didn’t want to talk about school to Grandma.

Jackson wasn’t excited for his first full-day but came back with lots of smiles.   His first school boy crush in Grade one was for little Miss N.  Little Miss N, had noticed Jackson’s new long-Bieber-ish hairstyle, patted Jackson on the head and said “I LIKE your hair Jackson!”, he was all swoony and smiley when he told me, I guess i’ll never get him to cut it now! 

Basically, everything was going swimmingly until this morning.

There were tears this morning.

My new-to-the-school-system Kindergartener was crabby and giddy all at the same time, a virtual tornado of emotions wrestling inside of her.  She couldn’t decide what to wear and had a fit about her underwear.  Since her recent growth spurt, we have been having major issue with finding underwear that is comfortable.  She has even raided her brother’s underwear drawer, much to Jackson’s dismay, and has wore his boxer briefs and his tighty whitey’s.  Her new Triple Flip underwear was bulky under her leggings, so I just let her go commando.  Why battle over something so small.

Then I asked her if she needed a hug.   Easty nodded yes.

Then they came, the waterworks, fast and furious.  And out of the blubbering mess and tears Easty started really telling me what was bothering her.  

School was too long. It was too long without Jackson.  She wanted to ride the bus to the main school with Jackson.  Easty wanted to see Jackson more.  Easty wanted to be older and be in Jackson’s class.  Easty wished that she was a  twin, like her friends Brendan and Ella, then she could be together with Jackson.

I hugged my little sweetie and wiped her tears and told her that I understand, with lots of kisses of course.  I plugged in my flat iron, asked Easty if she wanted her hair straightened and then proceeded to brush her hair. 

By the end, I had a perfectly coiffed 5 year old and she was completely decompressed.

It’s amazing how they mask their true concerns over little things like their clothes or hair.

I don’t think this will be last time we have tears over school but I hope they are fixed as easily as this morning.

How are your children adjusting to the Back to School schedule?  Are your children excited or sad to be going back?  What gets you excited about school?



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